Adding the COVID-19 digital certificate to your digital wallet

Once you’ve received two doses of your COVID-19 vaccine (either AstraZeneca or Pfizer), a shiny new ‘COVID-19 digital certificate‘ will be available in your Medicare online account at as a PDF, or via the Express Plus Medicare app on Android or iOS, to help show proof of vaccination.

(this is separate to your immunisation history; the certificate only shows COVID-19 vaccination information, not any other immunisations you may have had)

As of today, it’s now possible to add a copy of your COVID-19 digital certificate to your digital wallet of choice – Apple Wallet or Google Pay – making it easier to show proof of vaccination for which will undoubtedly become required sometime in the future.

There are two methods to add it into Apple Wallet;

You can go straight to, tap on ‘Go to Medicare’ in the COVID-19 vaccination status area, and then under the PDF link, there’s an Add to Apple Wallet button.

The other method, is to use the Medicare app – which is handy to have regardless for other features like a digital Medicare card.

Download and install the Medicare app on your phone, and log in with your myGov account if you haven’t already
From the main menu, tap on ‘Immunisation History’. Similar to the web option above, this time you’ll tap on ‘View COVID-19 digital certificate which will bring up your certificate, something a little fancier than a PDF (with an animated coat of arms). 

You’ll also notice an ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ (as above) – once you tap on this you’ll get a little warning and disclaimer about adding it to Apple Wallet and your privacy. As with other passes in Wallet (like your Qantas or Velocity membership cards, IKEA Family or flybuys loyalty cards, etc) they can be synced in iCloud between your different devices, and backed up to iCloud.

Once you hit accept, you’ll see the option to add to your Wallet! The front has your date of birth, document number, and the ‘valid from’ date – the date you got your second dose.
The ‘back’ of the pass also has your Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI), and what vaccine you received and the dates of your doses.

On Android, you have the same option to add your certificate to Google Pay as your ‘COVID Card‘ – making use of recent functionality to treat COVID data a little differently to other passes in Google Pay.

Adding your proof of. COVID-19 vaccination to your digital wallet alongside your other wallet passes makes it even easier to show when required without having to hunt down a specific app,

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  1. I have a Samsung phone, the digital certificate saved to google pay app is just a blank green card, there’s no details on it.

  2. It disappears from the homescreen (4 times so far) when I turn the phone off. Using the medicare app and LG fone

  3. Has anyone worked out why the home screen shortcut is disappearing yet? I’ve just contacted Google seeing as the shortcut is to the card in Google Pay but now am wondering if it’s a Samsung thing as I too have a Samsung. Is it disappearing for anyone with a different brand of phone?

  4. I am able to add the Covid 19 vacc certificate to my home screen Samsung A51. But after a couple of days it disappears, this has happened 5 or 6 times, Regards Jeff.

  5. Some reason my partner cant get her digital certificate on her home screen from the Medicare app. When it prompts her to key in the unlock code, it pauses and resets back to the instruction screen.. Tried several times and same thing. She’s using a Huawei mate 20 phone. Still Android so don’t know why its doing that.

  6. Thanks Neville, this worked for me. Also on a Xiaomi, Redmi note 8 pro. Couldn’t get Google play as an option to open link with. Following your suggestion using Firefox first it then worked. Cheers

  7. I have added the Covid 19 Digital Certificate
    ( off Medicare app ) to my homescreen on my mobile and after a couple of days it disappears??
    This also happens on my Husbands mobile

  8. I’ve noticed this too, but I’m not sure why it happens, I can’t find any information on it specifically. The closest I can find is that the document has a unique identification number, and maybe it’s auto generated when you open the PDF to ensure that. I don’t think they expected people to click on the link multiple times to download it.

  9. Mine was doing the same. Just worked out that you have to have the Medicare app on my iPhone(not just linked through ATO app) otherwise it did something really weird.

  10. When I press accept to transfer my COVID vaccine certificate to Apple wallet, all I get is a huge screen of what looks like computer programming. Anyone else have this issue?

  11. Thanks mate this worked. Installed Firefox to fix chrome not giving option to open in Google pay. How bad is Google chrome for not fixing this

  12. That’s the trick Konrad. There was no indication anywhere that the cert is protected. Fully visible now with the fingerprint scan unlock on my Sony Xperia. Thanks for the help.

  13. I messaged GooglePay support and they replied to me! The Covid certificate in Google Pay is additionally protected by fingerprint or PIN (the normal one to unlock your screen). Try putting your finger on the reader while you’re seeing the grey certificate.

    If it doesn’t work, try switching off fingerprint screen unlock, go to your certificate, it should ask you for a PIN and display it. Then you can re-enable fingerprint and it should work. The confusing thing is that my Samsung phone doesn’t ask for my fingerprint while showing the grey certificate. My wife’s Moto G9 Plus displays a message to use fingerprint at the bottom of the screen when you go to covid certificate.

    Maybe the authors of the post could add this additional workaround for Samsung phones to the article.

  14. Nom I still haven’t resolved the mystery of the greyed-out covid certificate. It’s useless at this point until it can be resolved

  15. Unfortunately same here 🙁 Did you manage to resolve it? I was thinkig of going to apps-google pay-storage-clear data, but have too many loyalty cards and I’m not keen on re-adding them. And I can’t even remove the greyed-out covid certificate… so annoying…

  16. Finally found the problem. When the “Confirm” button appears, it actually means “please scan your fingerprint to continue” . I tried this and it worked! Probably the fault of Google Pay there.
    Thanks to a few other posts on this page that gave me the idea to try it.

  17. My Motorola e6 was hanging at the screen with the blue button. By putting my finger on the fingerprint scanner at the same time it worked

  18. This worked for me too, well sort of worked in the sense that the certificate was added (only by using the fingerprint scan to unlock the already unlocked phone). The certificate thumbnail appears in Google Pay, but when I try to view the certificate in full, all I get is a greyed out render of a certificate but with no details visible in the certificate. Just placeholder boxes in a darker shade of grey

  19. On Google Pay screen where it says u can only add covid card through Google Pay, click on the word Gpay and “open in Chrome” and the little GPay symbol appears. Press it and it will open the app

  20. On Google Pay screen where it says u can only add COVID card through Google Pay, click on the word Gpay and then “Open in Chrome” and the little GPay symbol appears. Press it and it will open the app

  21. I have Samsung s11. Had problem in adding my covid card into Google Pay. Finally got it to work as follows:
    Go to my Gov then onto Medicare
    Click save to phone, then click I agree
    On Google Pay screen where it says u can only add covid card through Google Pay, click on the word Gpay at the top right hand corner, then you will see your card and follow prompts from there.

  22. None of the above worked for me, but something completely random did – via the medicare app, add digital certificate, open with google pay, accept the terms, then when the screen with the blue continue button appears, tap the blue button but then also unlock the phone (ignore the fact it’s already unlocked!) with my fingerscan, and for some reason it was then happy to add it the google pay app.

  23. I have the iPhone12. Had to load the cert through the Express Medicare app, wouldn’t work through MyGov account, even though I have Medicare linked to my account.

  24. Just sign into my gov & go into medicare & then open the pdf digital certificate, take a screen shot. It will be in your photos.
    You can use this as proof

    1. Just found this fix from a chap on Whirlpool – finally got it to work!!
      Had the same issue on my note 10 pro.

      From the medicare express app> save to phone > accept > open with firefox. This triggers a message “Your covid card can only be added to Android phones using Google Pay”. Click the 3 dots options top right>open in app >continue etc etc

  25. I can click the “Add to phone” on my Samsung Android phone. It then launches Google Pay, which shows the Cert details and displays a blue “Confirm” button, but no matter what I do, the button will not click! Nothing happens.
    I have tried this from the myGov website in Chrome, and also the Medicare Express App.
    I have been trying this many times now, but no luck. What is going wrong?

  26. every time i click on my digital certificate in MY GOV the document number changes. COVID-19 digital certificate number does not match number of my digital certificate on my phone and every time i go back into MY GOV the document number changes.
    Anybody having same issue and is it cause for concern or does system just generate different document number every time you download?

  27. I cannot save to my Apple wallet. Each time I select save to Apple wallet and nothing happens. I’ve tried for 2 weeks with no success. There is no help anywhere or reason why it is not linking. This is so frustrating

  28. Have just received a reply from Google support
    When you are prompted to “Save to phone” you should choose to save to Google Pay and not Chrome. In order to do that this setting needs to be reverted. To do so, please follow this steps:

    Open settings Settings
    In the search bar, type “Opening links” and tap search
    Scroll down to Google Play services at tap it.
    Tap “Open supported links”
    Select “Allow app to open supported links

    All well & good but my phone doesn’t have (Opening Links” – Maybe due to running Xiaomi Miui Global Vers 12.0.4 & not Google Android – Oh well maybe just make do with a PDF copy?

  29. Try going into Settings / Opening links / Google Play services, and if the button under “Other defaults” is enabled, click the “Clear defaults” button – that worked for me.

  30. Same issue with my Google Pixel 3a. I’m using Edge browser as default. So I copied the link manually into Chrome browser and was able to add the certificate to Google Pay. It looks like not every browser supports this.

  31. Also have this issue with saving to GPay on my Redmi Note 9 Pro – am getting assistance with Jon @ Google who is looking into the problem. Will post back here if get any result. Had successfully got cert onto GPay on my wife’s Samy A20

  32. I had same issue with pixel phone but finally added it to Google pay by using medicare app instead of my gov.

  33. My husband has a Samsung notebook 8 and it worked perfectly. I tried following Natalie’s suggestion through Chrome and got a step further but still won’t save to Google Pay.

  34. I was on a Pixel 4a and had this problem after fetching my vaccine card by email. I fixed this by clicking the more menu (three dots) as soon as I got to the “save to device” button and hitting “open in Chrome”. So apparently whatever browser the gmail app had been using by default was something other than Chrome and/or did not support something in that page for some vague reason.

    1. That’s what I did when I tried 2 days ago as I don’t have the MyGov app on my phone. It didn’t work.

  35. Good to hear I’m not the only one having issues and it’s not my Huawei Pro P30. Still doesn’t help though….

  36. Just like to mention that I have no option to add my COVID vaccination certificate from Express Plus Medicare App to Google Pay. I have Huawei Pro P30 which is a supported Google device yet the only option I have from the Medicare app is to save offline or save to phone. Clicking on “Save to Phone” brings up the “Add to Google Pay” window OK and clicking on “Accept” takes me to a Google Pay website stating that “The COVID card can only be added to Android mobile devices using Google Pay”. Very frustrating….