Passes for Apple Wallet

It’s super easy to earn loyalty rewards, check and use health insurance cards, gift cards, movie and event tickets from your favourite Australian businesses and services in Apple Wallet – just a press, tap or two away on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Here’s a list of many Australian businesses and organisations that support Apple Wallet passes – either via their website, a link in an email, or from within their app.

Passes with the contactless icon support NFC, and these can be used by tapping your iPhone or Apple Watch on a reader or terminal without needing to scan a barcode, or needing to unlock and browse to the pass if Express Mode is supported.

Click or tap to jump to the types of passes available;

Know of any other Australian passes I’m missing? Send in a tip!

Shopping, Coupons, Rewards & Loyalty Cards

Gift Cards

Businesses who use the Shopify or Gift Up! platforms can offer to sell gift cards that can be added to Apple Wallet.

Employers who use Flare can issue gift cards to staff that can be added to Apple Wallet.

Movies, Experiences, Festivals & Events

Fitness, Health & Medical

Private Health Insurance (info)

Dining, Food & Drink

Australia Wide

  • Critini’s La Famiglia
  • Grill’d Relish (app) 9Sign up and opt in to receive emails. Emails contain a link to add your Relish card to Apple Wallet.
  • Nando’s PERI Perks (app)
  • Mad Mex Mad Members (app)
  • Gong Cha
  • Soul Origin Soulmates 10Sign up and wait for your “Welcome to Soulmates” email, which will have an ‘Add to Wallet’ button. Not available in app or on website.

New South Wales


Western Australia

Travel & Bookings


Public Transport, Transit & Travel Passes

Hong Kong


United States


Hotels (info)

Student IDs (info)

  • Monash University (Victoria) – M-PASS

Employee Badges

Car Keys (info)

Home Keys

Licences & Identification

Northern Territory Government

Civil Aviation Safety Authority Digital Licences

Member Groups & Organisations

Super Fund Member Cards

International Apps

  • Starbucks (US App Store) – allows you to add your Starbucks Card to Wallet. Starbucks cards can generally be used internationally – an Australian card can be added to the US app, where you can add it to Apple Wallet… and then use it in Australia.
  • Disney MagicMobile Pass (info)
  • ChargePoint EV Charging (Pass still useful for activating the remaining ChargePoint stations remaining in Australia)
  • Harrods

Former Pass Providers

  • NSW Health Pathology – COVID-19 Test Results
    (available as an Apple Wallet pass, in addition to a SMART Health Card, for each test result. The QR code on the Wallet pass is a SMART Health Card with the result)
  • Immunisations (eg COVID-19 Vaccinations) performed at a Sydney Local Health District, NSW Health location were previously available as SMART Health Card that could be added to Apple Health / Apple Wallet
  • Boost Juice Vibe Club (app) – Boost stopped issuing Apple Wallet passes for the Vibe Club  in 2022, with no explanation. Existing passes will stay in Wallet, without updating the balance or stamps.
  • Queensland Merlo Coffee (Friend of Merlo) – Replaced with Merlo Coffee app

Third Party Pass Makers and Loyalty Card Wallets

These apps can help you make your own passes to add to Apple Wallet if they are not officially supported, or can be used as alternative wallets to store your loyalty cards or gift cards.