Teething issues with Amex and Android Pay in Australia

Despite launching a few weeks outside Google’s own self-imposed deadline of a H1 2016 release, it seems there’s still the odd teething issue with Android Pay. Case in point, using an Amex card at some retailers/terminals, or McDonald’s for example.

During the ANZ false start last month where I was able to use an ANZ Amex card inside Android Pay, I had success at a handful of retailers like Woolworths and Subway, but an issue at McDonald’s.

After presenting your phone to the terminal, you’ll get an instant decline and the transaction fails.

Android Pay Amex McDonalds Receipt IMG_7316

This can be replicated with either an Amex issued Amex, or an ANZ issued Amex (and presumably other Amex cards).

Other card types, eg an ANZ Visa card in Android Pay, work just fine however. On the same terminals, the physical plastic Amex cards work fine, as do the same cards added to Apple Pay on an iPhone, or an Apple Watch, narrowing it down to just an Android Pay specific issue.

Have you had any issues with Android Pay in Australia?