Ticketek announces support for contactless tickets in Apple Wallet

One of the little used features in Apple Wallet is support for contactless tickets and passes – as opposed to dancing around trying to scan a barcode from your screen, your phone (or Apple Watch) can transmit the same data wirelessly.

Perhaps the most well known implementation of this is Woolworths Rewards – where you can tap your phone or watch at checkout instead of scanning the barcode.

Ticketek has supported tickets in Apple Wallet (and Passbook as it was previously known) for some time – most event tickets can be added to Wallet which will then appear on your iPhone lockscreen when it’s showtime.

Ticketek is taking this one step further, announcing support for NFC/Contactless support – starting with Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium.

Brisbane and Queensland rugby league player Matt Gillett with the contactless ticket on an iPhone at Suncorp Stadium

Now with your ticket in your Wallet, you just need to hold your iPhone or watch to the gate at the venue – no need to hold it in just the right spot to scan the barcode – and it’s more secure as there’s no barcode to be copied, nor can you lose it like a paper ticket.

It’s set to arrive at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on June 1 when the Queensland Reds host the Jaguars in Super Rugby, followed by rugby league’s State of Origin Game One on June 5.

“The introduction of tap-and-go tickets on iPhone and Apple Watch is a ground-breaking move away from traditional ticketing barcodes and scanning technologies, designed to enhance both customer usability and event operations.”

Ticketek’s Chief Operating Officer and Head of Ticketing, Cameron Hoy, says the integration with Apple Wallet contactless tickets is a game-changer for the industry.

Contactless tickets on iPhone and Apple Watch will be rolled out to further venues across Australia in the coming months, and is part of Ticketek’s wider integration with Apple Pay that will soon be available across all its digital sales channels.

More information (and FAQs on using it) can be found on the Ticketek site at ticketek.com.au/identity