Apple Account Balance coming to Apple Wallet

As reported by 9to5Mac and Steve Moser, Apple is looking set to bring your Apple Account Balance to Apple Wallet – discovered in the first iOS 15.5 beta.

Your account balance can be used to buy products, accessories, apps, games and more online or in store with Apple Pay.

Part of the launch of the Apple Gift Cards included converting your existing iTunes & App Store balance to a new ‘Apple Account Balance’, which can also be used to buy things from the Apple Store online (in addition to the usual App Store and iTunes purchases, but also subscriptions, in app purchases and whatnot).

But one feature your Apple Account Balance is missing, is the option to use it to pay inside an Apple Store. Sure you can buy online or in the Apple Store app and do pickup from a store, but you can’t walk into a store on a whim and use your Apple Account Balance to pay for something.

It’s looking like iOS 15.5 will let you add your Apple Account Balance to Wallet, and use it as a payment method in store with Apple Pay.

While previously iTunes Pass was a thing; it let you quickly see your iTunes balance and had a QR code – you couldn’t actually use it as a payment method. When you walked into an Apple Store, it could only be used to top up your iTunes balance – not buy things from an Apple Store.

Of course, you can use an Apple Gift Card in an Apple Store – in fact, you can use multiple, and mix payment methods (including your Apple Account Balance if paying online) – but not once you’ve redeemed the card.

In an Apple Store, simply present the email to the cashier at time of payment. If you are using your Apple Gift Card over the phone on 133‑622, you’ll need to provide the PIN (located on the back of the card insert or in the gift card email). Remember to keep the card in your possession until your item(s) have been delivered.

You can use up to eight Apple Gift Cards at or when placing an order over the phone on 133‑622. You can use up to eight Apple Gift Cards for one transaction when you purchase at an Apple Store. You can use your Apple Gift Card(s) with one credit card as well as with your Apple Account Balance to pay for your purchase. Apple Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase another Apple Gift Card.

(via the Apple Store Payment & Security help article)

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